Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY print gocco shirt - part deux

here are pics of another thrift store shirt i embellished with triangles using my print gocco. 

i used the same method as discussed in part one but chose larger triangles this time and brighter, bolder colors straight from the tube. as with the other shirt, i had no plan for a design when i started printing but knew i wanted it to be a bit more lined up and symmetrical than the first shirt. this fabric was much easier to work with, however, i still had to put some wax paper down underneath to prevent the ink from going through to the other side. 

i made a few mistakes during the process - like, uneven ink application and a couple of unintended smears/splotches i had to cover up with black triangles - but overall, i'm really happy with the bold new look of this shirt. i'm also really digging the obvious hand-printed technique - it sort of gives it the feeling that it's always been there.

i'm super excited to start a new print project - it's been weeks since i've played with the gocco. i'll be hitting thrift stores this weekend in search of more pieces to transform - i hope i find something good - wish me luck! 

 c. emilia 

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