Tuesday, November 8, 2011

inspiration - yokoo

images: Yokoo

today i'm sharing another of my crochet muses - yokoo. i discovered yokoo on etsy's front page and saw the video above around the same time. i've had her "pembrooke cowl" on my list of etsy favorites for forever and when i was trying to decide b/w learning to knit or crochet i made sure to watch this video again to focus her process. sure enough, she's a crochet-lover like me and i'm absolutely smitten with her enormous hook, beautiful yarns, and fantastic attitude towards her life and work.

if it was up to me, i'd buy each of the items above in several different colors  - they are just so darn cool! i am definitely loving the chunky look. but, finances are tight and i'm keen on learning the art of crochet so i've decided to start on a chunky charcoal cowl similar to the one above. it's not going to be exact - the stitch is totally different and it probably won't be quite as large and chunky as the "pembrooke cowl" since i'm using a smaller hook but i'm really, really excited to give it a shot. i'm about half way done and it's looking pretty good so far - i'll be able to share pics of the finished product with you next week.

my favorite part of the video is when yokoo talks about how she enjoys immensely being great and how there's no better feeling in the world than being good at what you do. she's hardcore and she inspires me to be my best self - creatively and otherwise. 

i hope you are feeling all kinds of inspired this week too!

 c. emilia 

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