Friday, October 5, 2012

autumn color explosion

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the autumn colors are in full swing around here - bursting with insane brightness and saturating the landscape as far as the eye can see. the bold hues served as inspiration for me to document my first outfit in waayyy too long and called for an ensemble that would follow suit… with that perfect mix of vivid brilliance along with the more subtle neutral tones of fall.

the bright purple top that's the 'star' of this look is actually a sheer, lightweight vintage 80's dress which i layered under one of my favorite skirts ever - the one i call my "storybook village" skirt. isn't it just darling? the little towns remind me of illustrated children's books and i always think of them as the villages from old european fairy tales. the thrifting gods must have been w/ me the day i picked up this beauty - it still had the original tags on it, had obviously never been worn, and only set me back $5. 

embellishments include my absolute favorite pair of vintage gloves - navy lace beauties w/ miniature bows at the wrist in nearly pristine condition, a tiny chained tweed purse i found at a garage sale, and a gorgeous violet faux fur collar i purchased from the IMALI etsy shop last winter. i'm seriously obsessed with this collar right now... it's so versatile and can be worn peter pan-style or with it slanted so the bow falls just under the shoulder for a more modern look. i'm thinking about buying a small one in black as well - i can't get enough of fuzzy accessories at the moment, it seems. or, the lovely crisp autumn air... just perfect for wearing them!

☆ emilia 

Monday, October 1, 2012

inspiration - cacharel a/w 2012 & manzanita's crochet dress

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greetings… and, a happy autumn season to everyone!

it's probably no surprise that knits have been on my mind BIG TIME around here… and, the crochet hooks have officially been dusted off in preparation for this year's crochet projects. i'm not entirely sure what i'm going to make this year but i know for sure i want to attempt some kind of knit garment - a top… or, dare i even say it …. a simple dress??!

it seems a bit ambitious of a project in light of everything else that's going on in my life…. but, looking at those *stunning* *amazing* *gorgeous* knit dresses & tops from cacharel's a/w 2012 collection make me want to try a little harder to make it happen. and, did you happen to see the manzanita crochet dress (pictured below??)
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be still my beating heart….. that has got to be the most adorable little crotchet dress i have ever laid eyes on - the large peach bow and trim couldn't be more perfect. this might be something i can maybe, maybe, maybe attempt (although, it's admittedly waayyy out of my skill set.) BUT... to tell you the truth, that blue knit cacharel mini dress pictured at the top is pretty much the knit dress of my DREAMZ. the feminine silhouette, the beautiful detailing, the simple & sophisticated design and one-color palette w/ matching over sized scarf?! to die for. 

oh, yes - modern knits… i'm absolutely obsessed with the concept at the moment and wish i had the experience & skills to carry out my wildest crochet/knit desires.

what are you obsessed with this autumn season?

☆ emilia 

Monday, July 30, 2012

amelia's pleated skirt

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this weekend, i finished an adorable miniature version of the diy couture pleated skirts i've been making as a gift for my god-daughter amelia. i wanted it to be sort of a complimentary piece to my pierrot/pierrette-inspired skirt - i thought it would be so cute for her to have her very own harlequin-inspired skirt and maybe at some point when i visit seattle we could do a little photo shoot together. that would be so amazing! 

making this skirt made me realize i absolutely love making children's clothes! they're so cute & tiny and it totally makes sense as i've always been drawn to making miniatures in every artistic medium i've tried. i couldn't believe how quickly this skirt whipped up after the initial dying and silk-screening process. i started out with the same fabric and used the same process as i did with my pierrot-inspired skirt but used a mixture of teal and pearl grey RIT dye to get that smokey blue/green hue.

i'm so excited to get this out in the mail to her although i think it might still be too big for her to wear. somehow, it ended up 2" bigger at the waist than i had anticipated so she might have wait until she's a bit older or maybe pin it for now. either way, this definitely isn't going to be the last piece of clothing i make for her from scratch! i usually reconstruct things for her that i find at thrift stores, adding patches or silk-screen images, or i'll collect vintage children's clothing for her but i've never made her anything like this before. i'm really excited to enter into this new chapter of making her things by hand, the most special of things. 

☆ emilia 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

inspiration - valentino resort 2013

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it's been a while since a collection has caught my eye… i've been in kind of a 'fashion funk' lately and am not really sure where my style is heading as the summer season fades and fall arrives. i'm not quite ready to think about making a cloak or altering any autumn pieces just yet and have been more inspired by these uber-romantic valentino resort 2013 dresses full of gorgeous lacy florals and my favorite haute 60's silhouettes. the collection is full of exquisite lace, beautiful beading, and lots of pink which is exactly what i need for a bright burst of cheer and a breath of fresh inspiration into my wardrobe.

this collection is all about the perfect party dress (and, the perfect little flared trench to wear on top.) i'd love to wear that lovely long white lace gown and the adorable polyester floral embroidered mini dress (last photo) every single day for the rest of the summer… they just ooze prettiness and femininity which are the fashion characteristics i seem to be gravitating to most right now. it's tough to find that perfect balance between youthful joie de vivre and classic elegance but i think this collection does a good job of melding the two and bringing together an air of girlish whimsy with the smart sophisticated tastes of a mature woman.

i'm thinking pinks, taupes, and tans are going to be my go-to's this fall (inspired by that last dress) with bold bursts of color mixed in somehow… what do you think?? sounds… pretty! i can already feel i'm going to want to brighten things up this fall season instead of going with my usual darker palette - it's going to be fun trying to incorporate more femininity & color and keeping everything more muted and soft. we'll see how i feel by the time autumn actually roles around… knowing me i'll have changed my mind a thousand times and been inspired by numerous other collections/photos/etc. by the time it's actually here!

☆ emilia 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

goddess frida

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yes, i'm still alive!

… and, who better to get me back into the blogging spirit than the patron saint of creativity & visual beauty herself, frida kahlo. i recently updated the shop w/ several fantastic vintage central american dresses which are so beautiful & unique they were just screaming out for a special frida tribute shoot. you can imagine my surprise when i came upon these beauties at a church rummage sale here in toledo. they are exquisitely crafted - total stunners - and i'm so glad i got to wear a couple of them during my trip to florida last month before they went up for sale. the lightweight peach dress w/ red embroidery is the perfect swimsuit cover up on an afternoon trip to palm beach for some window shopping and sun bathing! you can find the peach dress for sale here and the pink dress w/ white embroidery here.

i've always wanted to do a frida inspired shoot… to say she's been a major influence in my life - both artistically & personally - is a definite understatement. her iconic beauty and intensely personal self portraits have captured my imagination for as long as i can remember and her tumultuous marriage to diego rivera and leftist political leanings only sealed the deal. it's pretty much impossible to think of putting a large bunch of flowers on the top of your head w/out channeling a bit of frida... my only regret is that my hair isn't long enough for a proper side braid to weave my ribbon scarves in & out of and that i didn't have a hawk or a cigarette to complete the look. :o)

i hope you are all having a fantastic summer so far and getting in as much relaxation and lake swimming as i've been!

☆ emilia 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

weekly vintage finds - hawaiian girl

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here are a few little trinkets i  picked up at a local yard sale this weekend…

*vintage christmas reindeer - made in japan - $2
*vintage patterned bias trim - $.10 cents
*3 plastic cake decorations w/ moveable legs - $1
*vintage hula doll w/ moveable parts - $2

i am totally in love with the vintage doll, which still has its original rubber band parts attaching the moveable head, arms & legs to the body. she's super fragile so i'm putting her straight into my curiosity cabinet. i love her sea-shell top, green plastic pleated skirt & those adorable white summer sandals. i hope you are all having a great week so far!


Monday, May 14, 2012

inspiration - etro fall 2012

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i know it's a little early to be mentioning anything about fall - ok, a lot early. i mean, we're not even into summer yet… geez. but, with my fall cloak project on the brain and not much inspiration to guide me, i couldn't help but notice the etro fall 2012 collection when i stumbled upon a few images of the show. the lush colors, huge mix of fabrics and exciting pairings of materials gave me the jump-start i needed to start designing a cloak with autumn in mind.

the detachable peplum belts are my favorite - i've got to say, i've fallen hard for the recent peplum trend and can't wait to get my hands on a peplum skirt, dress or belt of my own. i love the equestrian feel of that large brown leather waist cinching peplum belt and the black & maize dress it's paired with - the one w/ those dramatic sleeves - is pretty much 'to die for.' this collection has it all - rich velvets, delicate lace mesh, fall staples like tweeds, knits & tailored suits as well as several gorgeous sheer evening dresses with elaborate patterning and textural details.

this collection sure got my creative juices flowing - there are so many options for my fall cloak! one amazing detail i might have to copy on one of my cloaks is that adorable ruffle collar with bright red lining on the fur capelet. isn't it just adorable? i love little details like that - and, the etro fall 2012 collection is chock full of just those kinds of exquisite, over-the-top elements. these pieces are kind of making me excited for fall. just a little bit…