Tuesday, July 24, 2012

inspiration - valentino resort 2013

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it's been a while since a collection has caught my eye… i've been in kind of a 'fashion funk' lately and am not really sure where my style is heading as the summer season fades and fall arrives. i'm not quite ready to think about making a cloak or altering any autumn pieces just yet and have been more inspired by these uber-romantic valentino resort 2013 dresses full of gorgeous lacy florals and my favorite haute 60's silhouettes. the collection is full of exquisite lace, beautiful beading, and lots of pink which is exactly what i need for a bright burst of cheer and a breath of fresh inspiration into my wardrobe.

this collection is all about the perfect party dress (and, the perfect little flared trench to wear on top.) i'd love to wear that lovely long white lace gown and the adorable polyester floral embroidered mini dress (last photo) every single day for the rest of the summer… they just ooze prettiness and femininity which are the fashion characteristics i seem to be gravitating to most right now. it's tough to find that perfect balance between youthful joie de vivre and classic elegance but i think this collection does a good job of melding the two and bringing together an air of girlish whimsy with the smart sophisticated tastes of a mature woman.

i'm thinking pinks, taupes, and tans are going to be my go-to's this fall (inspired by that last dress) with bold bursts of color mixed in somehow… what do you think?? sounds… pretty! i can already feel i'm going to want to brighten things up this fall season instead of going with my usual darker palette - it's going to be fun trying to incorporate more femininity & color and keeping everything more muted and soft. we'll see how i feel by the time autumn actually roles around… knowing me i'll have changed my mind a thousand times and been inspired by numerous other collections/photos/etc. by the time it's actually here!

☆ emilia 

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