Monday, October 1, 2012

inspiration - cacharel a/w 2012 & manzanita's crochet dress

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greetings… and, a happy autumn season to everyone!

it's probably no surprise that knits have been on my mind BIG TIME around here… and, the crochet hooks have officially been dusted off in preparation for this year's crochet projects. i'm not entirely sure what i'm going to make this year but i know for sure i want to attempt some kind of knit garment - a top… or, dare i even say it …. a simple dress??!

it seems a bit ambitious of a project in light of everything else that's going on in my life…. but, looking at those *stunning* *amazing* *gorgeous* knit dresses & tops from cacharel's a/w 2012 collection make me want to try a little harder to make it happen. and, did you happen to see the manzanita crochet dress (pictured below??)
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be still my beating heart….. that has got to be the most adorable little crotchet dress i have ever laid eyes on - the large peach bow and trim couldn't be more perfect. this might be something i can maybe, maybe, maybe attempt (although, it's admittedly waayyy out of my skill set.) BUT... to tell you the truth, that blue knit cacharel mini dress pictured at the top is pretty much the knit dress of my DREAMZ. the feminine silhouette, the beautiful detailing, the simple & sophisticated design and one-color palette w/ matching over sized scarf?! to die for. 

oh, yes - modern knits… i'm absolutely obsessed with the concept at the moment and wish i had the experience & skills to carry out my wildest crochet/knit desires.

what are you obsessed with this autumn season?

☆ emilia 

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