Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY print gocco shirt

here are a few pics of a thrifted shirt i embellished with a random triangle pattern using my print gocco (the same process as used for the detachable collar post last week.)

i used the method illustrated in this tutorial since i don't have the gocco hand stamp for fabric printing. it's pretty much like miniature silkscreen printing using a credit card instead of a squeegee and a tiny paper screen instead of a sturdy wooden or aluminum one. i didn't take any pics of the actual process this time, but i'll be doing more printing soon and will make the effort to document it all next time.

i found it pretty challenging to print on this ultra-thin polyester material - the ink went right through to the other side so i had to make sure to have some blotting paper underneath to avoid any smearing or accidents. the fabric was so difficult to control versus paper, which you can easily tape down entirely for a smooth surface, and at one point things started to get really messy. so, after each pass, i ended up using a blow dryer to dry that triangle before moving on to print the next one so i didn't have to worry about getting any of the ink on me or having the shirt fabric fold over on itself causing an unintended smear.  

the design wasn't planned, i just mixed up the colors and spontaneously started printing and adding/overlapping shapes until it felt done. i used to be so controlled about the printing process (you really have to be when you're doing editions) but lately i've been taking a  more improvised approach and using the screen in unplanned ways just to see what happens. the experiments aren't always a successes - i completely ruined a perfectly good thrifted dress trying to print cat heads all over it only to find out my design was way too detailed and looked like big black blobs all over. still, it's fun to try and challenge myself and push my conception of the gocco even farther as an art medium. 

for now, i'm still experimenting with adding embellishments to garments here and there (i will share a  different geometric shirt next week) but i'm already thinking seriously about designing and printing some original fabric for when my sewing skills catch up to my printing skills. this might just have to be a resolution for next year - i've wanted to design wallpaper and fabric with this thing forever. now, that i'm finally starting to learn to sew garments (more on this later) i think it's about time i start experimenting with my own prints.  

so many possibilities... so exciting! 

 c. emilia 

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