Tuesday, October 25, 2011

inspiration - helen rödel

truth be told, i've been trying to learn to knit for years but have never managed to keep up with it. i'll learn the basics and then inevitably forget soon afterwards only to end up back at square one time and time again. i promised myself this summer that i would sign  up for a knitting class during the fall and vowed to stick with it but, i have to admit, the entire process still felt a bit daunting. 

then, last month i ran across images from helen rodel's 2011 spring knitwear collection on one sheepish girl and i was instantly smitten. i watched the fashion show above and this documentary right afterwards, which reveals the method/process behind the construction of these amazing pieces to be none other than crochet. crochet?! yes, crochet! and, i realized... that's it! i'd never even considered starting with crochet and had no idea such gorgeous, modern and uber-cute garments could be created - i am still in awe that the popcorn stitch even exists - where have i been?!

so, i went back and looked at more of helen rodel's intricate, exquisite work for inspiration and watched the documentary about ten more times before immediately heading off to my local yarn shop to get started. so far, i've learned three different stitches (mostly through you-tube tutorials) and have made myself an ear warmer/headband for winter which i will share with you soon (from a free pattern i found on ravelry.) 

i am totally obsessed and kind of wish i could just stop everything and crochet all day long. is this normal?! i can't wait until i get a little time to myself this week to get started on my next project - a chunky cowl neck sweater in charcoal gray... so exciting!

 cristina emilia 

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