Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pet portraits

a few years ago, i was fortunate enough to have commissioned custom felt portraits for my four cats from artist amelia reyes, a.k.a. slughunter, before she closed up shop to attend graduate school. aren't these portraits absolutely incredible and pretty much the coolest, cutest, most heartwarming things you've ever seen??

i suppose i'm a bit biased since the portraits are of my beloved little beasts. but, really - the care and attention put into each one, including a request for a bio of each cat's specific personality and favorite things, is beyond measure and really brings these portraits to life. the top two are osho and tima followed by sasha and ravi below. since having the portraits made, we heartbreaking-ly lost one member of the family - tima - and, unexpectedly gained a new member - misha, a solid gray girl who looks almost exactly like sasha now that she's growing up.

it's one of my christmas wishes this year to try my hardest to make a felt portrait for misha in the same style as the others (or as close as possible) so we can finally have all our portraits up and every cat represented. it's a daunting task and i feel like i'm in a master copy class - trying my best to recreate the mona lisa or botticelli's birth of venus - when i start to think about how i'm going to match amelia's incredibly unique style enough so the portrait doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. i've got all the colors & fabrics chosen and materials gathered except for the eye buttons and will be taking the next few days to begin sewing and gluing it all together. next week, i'll share the finished product with you. wish me luck!!

 c. emilia 

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