Monday, December 12, 2011

inspiration - lu flux

images: lu flux

i've really been digging on lu flux's spring/summer 2012 collection lately - the candy colors, polynesian details and her signature witty playfulness. if you're not familiar with lu flux, she's based in london and makes all of her garments out of organic, reclaimed & vintage materials so as to consume less and reduce waste. this is ethical clothing at its most luxurious and takes the concept of making something new from something old to a whole new level. 

i'm also totally in love with the styling of this collection - that cotton candy hair and the nude heels are just the perfect mix of classic elegance and whimsical eccentricity. if you haven't look at lu's past collections, do yourself a favor and check them out for a real treat - i love the modern shapes & styling and her knit & antiquated patchwork pieces are not to be missed. take my word for it - you will be inspired!

 c. emilia 

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