Monday, April 16, 2012

inspiration - hearts & crafts

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last week, i watched the lovely documentary film hearts and crafts: the people that make hermès, a 47-min look into the behind-the-scenes world of hermès directed by frederic laffont and isabelle dupuy-chavanat and available for direct streaming on the hermès website. as an artist and a huge admirer of quality craftsmanship, this quiet and intimate look into the studios & artisans that make up the hermes family completely knocked my socks off. my absolute favorite part was the feature on the silkscreen studio and the process behind the printed designs - i was truly amazed witnessing the creation of a finished silkscreened scarf from its initial inception as a detailed drawing. nothing makes me happier than mixing colors & printing in a studio all day - this film really made me miss art school & working in that kind of immersive environment.

beyond the impeccable craftsmanship, i was incredibly impressed by the commitment of each and every person to their craft and their love & devotion to the job, despite it's inherent difficulties and down sides. the pride each artisan takes in their product - the years devoted from apprentice to master under the watchful guide of the more experienced - it all made me yearn for an opportunity of my own to take all my little at-home, one-off printing projects to another level and think about printing some of my own custom fabric in a real silkscreen studio someday. right now, i'm reading mastering the art of fabric printing by laurie wisbrun and am learning so much about fabric design... together with this documentary i'm feeling pretty inspired to take my craft to the next level!


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