Tuesday, April 24, 2012

inspiration - everlasting sprout

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images: via Tokyo Fashion.com

this week, i've been feeling all kinds of inspired by the everlasting sprout A/W 2012 collection. there's so much i like about this collection including the unique knit pieces, the bold floral patterns, the socks, and all the adorable details found throughout. before i started crocheting, i really didn't give much thought to knits on the runway but these days i'm particularly smitten with designers who are known for incorporating avant-garde knit designs into their collections - i've learned to appreciate the material and the medium so much more than i ever did before. don't you just love all the textures and those gorgeous patterned knits (especially the dresses and skirts?!) i love the idea of florals for fall and the colors are just perfect - a bit darker but still incredibly bright & fun.

i've also been looking at collections with more of a critical "can-i diy?' eye lately thanks to geneva from a pair and a spare and have been finding sweet details everywhere i look that seem doable. like, the ruffles on those short pants pictured above? … love! i can't wait to get my hands on some secondhand tweed pants to shorten and add some flirty ruffles to - what a sweet, feminine touch for fall.


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