Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

happy easter holiday, for those of you that celebrate! i hope you are having a peaceful day of relaxation & good eats with family and friends. 

it was 30 years ago today that i made my first communion - on easter sunday - and, strangely the pics above are the only ones i have of myself as a child. all of my childhood pics are at my parent's house, but last time i was home to visit i came across these first communion pictures taken at a professional portrait studio and snagged them to take back with me. there were several of me cradling that crucifix and staring either lovingly or sadly at it - the creep factor on these sealed the deal that i had to share. along with the dress and veil, which i still have and were both completely handmade by my mother for the occasion.

i don't celebrate easter as a catholic anymore (haven't in years,) but still adore the easter holiday since it's always fallen on or around my birthday. all my life, i've had bunny cakes, bunny-themed parties, and lots of stuffed bunnies as birthday presents. this year was no exception! it's been a wonderful birthday/easter weekend and i can't wait to share pics with you tomorrow of how i spent my special day.


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