Wednesday, February 22, 2012

big daddy chain

it's been such a long while since i've shared any completed crochet projects with you! here is an incredibly quick & easy accessory that will really get you noticed - the big daddy chain by hooks & halos. you might remember i used another hooks & halos pattern last december when i made the boerum warmer - the pattern for this chain was just as simple & easy to read as the warmer and is perfectly suited for the beginning crocheter. 

i used lion brand thick & quick yarn in citron for a big thick gold chain look (as opposed to silver or platinum) and worked on two links at a time over the course of a week until i was done. i can hardly even remember working on it, the links were done so quickly due to the thick yarn & large hook required. the big daddy chain is definitely a "notice me!" piece and i can just imagine what sorts of comments i'll get wearing it around town - should be entertaining. :o) 

i paired it here with my extra large gold hoops and one of my favorite vintage dresses ever featuring a quilted skirt with fantastic multi-colored print. i don't know what it is about vintage quilted skirts but i'm just mad about them. it probably has to do with the fact that my second vintage purchase ever as a teen was a dress very similar to this one with a black top and quilted skirt w/ pockets in muted tans & browns. it's been a total love affair ever since!

 c. emilia 

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