Wednesday, March 7, 2012

inspiration - pass the baton

i find myself revisiting this etsy video featuring tokyo consignment shop pass the baton all the time to draw on the wealth of inspiration i always gather from both the cleverness of the shop and its reverent attitude toward the art of recycling. when i was first thinking about starting my own vintage shop, i would watch this video over & over again to gather the courage to take the plunge. the owner's respectful view of recycling and his thoughts on the personal & historical context of this sort of endeavor made me feel like i was stepping into a long legacy of others who have also found beauty & possibilities in things left behind.

my absolute favorite aspect of the store are all the wonderful little stories that accompany the items - what a magical ideal! i wish i could offer a similar personal story with each of the garments in my shop - wouldn't that be lovely? it's gotten me inspired to ask more questions from now on about the previous owners & personal journeys of the lovely vintage frocks that eventually find a new home through the flying carousel. i would love to be able to provide a small snippet of the past with each piece - how special that would be?!


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